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Newfies-Dialer is a Multi-Tenant Voice Broadcasting and Autodialer Software to provide information via the phone. Newfies-Dialer can scale to millions of calls per day using realtime call processing in a multi-server cloud architecture.

A fully supported Newfies-Dialer system which comes with AMD, white-labelling, support and training available from http://www.newfies-dialer.org/

Voice Broadcasting Software

Newfies-Dialer is voice broadcasting software designed for making outbound calls to your contacts, most often used for marketing and political polling.

Voice Broadcasting Software »

Auto Dialer

Automated phone calls with a recorded message are usually used for political or telemarketing campaign.Auto dialer can also be used for automated polling service.

Auto Dialer »

SMS Broadcast

SMS messages can be broadcast to your customers for SMS marketing or emergency alert system. Many thousands of SMS messages can be sent out.

SMS Broadcast »